Opening of the first private radiotherapy center in Vienna

Amethyst increases the treatment capacity by 20% Vienna.

In Austria around 40,000 people develop cancer every year. About 60 percent of the sick need radiation therapy. There are currently 15 linear accelerators (“Linac” for “linear accelerator”) in operation in Vienna. This means that up to 6,000 patients can be treated per year. It was planned to open another center for radiation oncology and radiation therapy in Vienna in May 2020. Due to the effects of the corona pandemic, the opening had to be postponed to October 1, 2020. The facility is being built and operated by the international company “Amethyst Radiotherapy” on the grounds of the Wiener Privatklinik in 1090 Vienna, Pelikangasse 15. “With our additional linear accelerator, 600 more patients can be treated per year. This is particularly important because time is an essential factor in the treatment process for cancer patients,” explains Dr. Paul Stuchetz, Managing Director Amethyst Radiotherapy Austria. The Amethyst Center for Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy is designed in such a way that it can be expanded to include an additional linear accelerator; For example, 17 linear accelerators for radiation therapy will be available in Vienna in the future and the treatment capacity will be significantly increased by up to 1,200 therapies per year – this corresponds to 20 percent. Former Minister of Health Dr. Andrea Kdolsky is very pleased with the opening of the new location: “With every new linear accelerator, the waiting time for a radiation therapy place is shortened. Due to the high capacity with now 16 Linacs in full operation in Vienna, waiting times are significantly reduced. Each additional Linac saves lives.”

Amethyst Radiotherapy is planning further centers for radiation oncology and radiation therapy in Austria and will thus lead to a further increase in treatment capacity. Amethyst Radiation Therapy is Europe’s fastest growing private cancer treatment facility. Amethyst combines the expertise of Europe’s leading cancer experts and the latest and most advanced techniques and equipment to provide patients with the best possible treatment. The focus here is on radiation oncology. Amethyst Radiation Oncology and Radiation Therapy Centers offer the most precise and advanced cancer treatments available. In 2019 alone, Amethyst medical teams comprising more than 100 doctors in ten centers treated over 15,000 cancer patients. The Amethyst Group is a private healthcare facility whose owners have been operating in the European healthcare and pharmaceutical market for 20 years. Amethyst was founded in 2010 and focuses on making the latest radiation therapy technologies available at all locations. Amethyst’s goal is to ensure that cancer patients receive reliable, modern, and operational medical services. Amethyst, a high-performance partner in the healthcare sector, is currently represented with ten centers in five European countries. Amethyst will continue its rapid growth and will operate up to 20 centers with 40 linear accelerators in the coming months.

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