1er radiotherapy treatments in stereotactic conditions at Creil clinic

On February 7th, we inaugurated radiotherapy treatments in stereotactic conditions in Creil (France). Amethyst Radiotherapy is the very first one to propose these state-of-the-art treatments in the department of Oise, hence enabling patients of the region to have their treatment delivered close to their home.

Radiotherapy in stereotactic conditions is a very high precision irradiation technique, which allows to treat with great efficiency small lung cancers and metastases (brain, lung, bone), in a limited number of sessions, often 3 to 5 and, in less than 15 days, with few side effects.

This achievement is the result of major financial investment – in a new linear accelerator and a last-generation repositioning system – combined with a strong commitment of the medical team to always provide the best possible treatments and experience for the patient.

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