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Amethyst Radiotherapy Secures €300m in Financing from Ares Management to Accelerate Growth Across Europe

Amsterdam, June 12th 2024 – In a significant stride towards enhancing access to advanced cancer treatment, Amethyst Radiotherapy Group has secured a landmark €300 million financing agreement with Credit funds managed by Ares Management Corporation (“Ares”), a leading global alternative investment manager. This investment positions Amethyst as a leading player in the European oncology sector, […]

How might intensity modulated Radiotherapy help you?

Patients who have had a cancer diagnosis may soon find they are discussing a range of treatment options that includes radiotherapy. But while most lay people will have some idea of what radiotherapy is and how it works – usually because they know somebody who has been treated that way – not many will know […]

How to help patients enjoy Christmas during cancer treatment

Cancer treatment takes a physical toll on patients, leaving many with fatigue, nausea, vomiting, and difficulties eating and drinking. This is hard at any time of the year, but particularly over the Christmas period. While they might want to join their family and friends with the festivities or enjoy a Christmas like they’re used to, […]

What are the negative side effects of having Radiotherapy?

Cancer treatments have to be strong and powerful to have the best chance of killing off cancerous cells and improving the chances of making a full recovery. However, the downside to this is while they are designed to have as much impact as possible, this can also mean patients have to endure some unpleasant side […]

What is the difference between Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant?

Every case of a person seeking a consultation at a radiotherapy centre is somewhat unique, and as a result, the treatment pathway will often be designed and tweaked based on their individual needs and the complexities of each treatment. However, whilst there are hundreds of different types of cancer, each of which can progress in different ways and […]

How Radiotherapy can tackle Prostate Cancer scourge

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers that are specific to men. It is often poorly understood, yet it is also often very treatable, especially if it is caught at an early stage. Indeed, the UK government chose the occasion of International Men’s Day (November 19th) to announce the launch of the biggest prostate […]

How life-saving Gamma Knife Surgery became so important

Of all the treatments we offer, gamma knife surgery is one of the most significant technologies. A form of stereotactic radiosurgery, It enables brain surgery to be carried out in a non-invasive way, with the operation taking place quickly, very short recovery time and, crucially, delivers radiotherapy to a very concentrated area that leaves the rest of […]

Chemo before CRT cuts Cervical Cancer return risk by 35%

Taking the right course of action after being diagnosed with cancer is imperative, as the timing and combination of therapies is just as important as the type of treatment in the first place. A recent trial Results from a recent study have shown that giving patients with cervical cancer a short course of chemotherapy before they begin […]

Is real-time Radiotherapy diagnostic imaging now possible?

One of the greatest advances in radiotherapy treatments might be within reach if a study into high-performance medical image construction can be widely applied. Radiotherapy is typically a two-step process, where someone steps into a radiotherapy centre, and has their body examined through advanced diagnostic equipment before a treatment plan is carefully put in place. A […]

Can pre-Radiotherapy Chemotherapy help with Cervical Cancer?

In what oncologists described as possibly the biggest breakthrough in cervical cancer treatment in two decades, a course of chemotherapy before radiotherapy is projected to dramatically improve the success rates of cancer treatment. This is according to the results of the GCIG INTERLACE trial, a phase III clinical trial of 500 patients with cervical cancer who were set […]