Who we are

Cancer is a devastating medical condition, the frequency of which is gradually increasing all over the world. However, depending on the types of cancer and where it occurs, cancer can be cured if properly intervened at the right time.

As a response to increasing number of cancer cases, Amethyst Radiotherapy has become Europe’s fastest growing private cancer treatment institution focused on radiation oncology. We combine the experience of the foremost cancer experts in Europe and the newest, most advanced techniques and devices to offer our patients a world class treatment.

The most common types of cancer treated in Amethyst Radiotherapy clinics are: prostate cancer, head and neck tumors, brain tumor, lung cancer, breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, endometrial cancer, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer.

In 2014 alone, our medical teams have treated by radiotherapy over
4000 patients in our clinics in France, Romania and Poland.

In 2015 alone, our medical teams have treated by radiotherapy over 4300 patients in our clinics in France, Romania and Poland. In the first half of 2016 there were almost 2900 patients treated which indicates a 30% increase year to year.

Thanks to our special medical network system, we are able to create a unique, timely collaboration between our physicians across Europe, which allows us to provide oncology patients with the best care available.

Amethyst Group is a privately owned healthcare investment company, whose owners have been active in the healthcare and pharma markets in Central and Eastern Europe for the past 20 years. Founded in 2010, Amethyst focuses on bringing the latest radiotherapy technologies to its core markets.

Amethyst aims to be a powerful and meaningful source of healthcare development for the countries in which it operates. Our aim is simple: to ensure that reliable, modern and operational medical services are provided to the communities of cancer patients within our markets.

This is but a part of our story; Amethyst and its owners are pursuing deeper and more balanced paths of “doing business”. We are deeply involved in the community through our network of community doctors and our continuous well-being programs, aimed at ensuring better quality of life for post-treatment patients and their families.