What makes us different

High-tech radiotherapy is at the core of all Amethyst Radiotherapy clinics, along with professional medical team and our dedication to offer the oncological patients access to the best treatments available.


Dedicated clinics for cancer care

Our clinics are designed to provide to patients and medical staff the best conditions to receive and administer cancer treatments:

  • “Healing” medical rooms
  • Optimized patient flow
  • Maximum patient safety and comfort in radiation areas
  • Best working conditions and facilities for medical staff

High-tech radiotherapy

Our centers are equipped with the most advanced technologies in radiation therapies: state-of-the-art equipment for imaging, linear accelerators and operating software systems.

Our patients benefit of the most advanced radiotherapy techniques: VMAT, IMRT, 3D, stereotactic and brachytherapy applied in each of our centers. These advanced radiation techniques have significant benefits for the patients, consisting in high radiation precision and fast speed of the radiation and thus of the treatment.

What makes us unique:

  • we are treating all types of cancers, including pediatrics,
  • we are offering brachytherapy and chemotherapy,
  • we provide nutritional and psychological support.

Medical team

Our medical staff is comprised of about 190 experts in cancer care and radiotherapy, a team which has been constantly gaining experience and increasing in number.

Our medical team is led by top European radiotherapists: Chief Medical Officer, Prof.Dr. Gabriel Kacso and Chief Medical Physicist, Ph.D. Rashid Oozeer. They coordinate with the local medical leaders of each clinic and ensure a consistent implementation of our standards.

  1. To ensure the highest and safest quality care for patients, our medical management has designed and updates the treatment protocols according to the latest research in radiotherapy.
  2. In each Amethyst Center, Tumor Boards are run daily by our doctors to review all patient cases. This multi-disciplinary team designs treatment plans for each patient based on international oncology protocols and the guidelines of the Amethyst Scientific Board.
  3. Within the Amethyst network, we organize periodic continuing trainings as well as exchanges of best medical practices.
  4. Recruitment and trainings of local medical teams are carefully planned ahead of new openings.

Operational excellence

Our proprietary management system (AMS®) supports us in providing superior care to patients while minimizing treatment times. We perform the most stringent quality control procedures, which take place before the beginning of each treatment. Our centers are all ISO-certified and differentiated sets of quality tests are run on the equipment and software on specific time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly).

Scientific and research partnership

Amethyst Radiotherapy is a member of the Organization of the European Cancer Institutes.

We are also constantly developing scientific and research partnerships with internationally renowned oncology institutes and organizations.